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Denis Pageau

Denis Pageau
Mr. Denis Pageau is an independent researcher, a strategic planner and a system thinker who uses the lenses of management to study societies as organizations and the role that citizens play in them. This approach led to the development of a new management science specifically built to study societies and citizens.

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A Framework to Learn to ‘Play Society’ Together

Posted by Denis Pageau on March 13, 2018

Can we learn to play society together the same way we learn to play hockey? To answer this question, let’s look at how young children learn to play hockey.

First, before young children can even begin to play hockey, they must learn some basic skills: to skate forward, backward, in a straight line or turning while handling the puck with a stick. Although it is hard at the beginning, they eventually learn the basic skills.

Gradually they also start assimilating knowledge and mastering other skills associated with the dynamic of hockey.

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Why don’t we benefit from Societal Innovations as Readily as Technological Innovations?

Posted by Denis Pageau on January 22, 2018

Since 1785 there have been 5 waves with respect to our technological knowledge. Each wave doubled the knowledge we had previously accumulated. We are now in the 6th wave. This technological knowledge produced technological innovations such as steam engines, light bulbs, cars, planes, computers, smartphones, etc. We can safely conclude that we have been very successful in using our technological knowledge to create technological innovations. 

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