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Beth Bedore

Beth Bedore
If Beth Bedore had her druthers, she would have time to create visual art, write the next Great Canadian Novel, and help other writers through top-notch editing, without constantly facing the roadblocks that poverty imposes. With a basic income, this would be possible. Instead, Beth is a Living Experience Educator (h/t to Lee Maidlow), scrambling and not thriving, as she contributes effort to making this world a better, fairer place for more people than it is now. Beth is part of the Hastings-Prince Edward Poverty Roundtable.

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A Reflection on Poverty Reduction Planning: Living the Experience

Posted by Beth Bedore on October 22, 2018

As a first-time attendee of a Tamarack summit, and as a person with living experience, I really didn’t know what to expect. The irony of only being able to be part of this event because I qualified for a scholarship wasn’t lost on me — while I’ve been a major contributor to the Hastings - Prince Edward Poverty Roundtable and the delivery of its action plans, and read up on Vibrant Communities – Cities Reducing Poverty, I knew very well that there was no way I could have afforded to go on my own steam. People paying what feels like a lot of money to get together and talk about poverty — what might that be like, I mused on the drive to Mississauga.

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