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The ‘Crown’ of Lobbying

Posted by Al Etmanski on January 19, 2017

People who are members of disability royalty, and that include staff, funders, policy makers as well as individuals, families, and friends, are by definition in it for the long haul. Their lobbying, petitioning and advocacy will continue for a lifetime. Chances are they will be engaged with the same people and the same departments more than once or twice. That makes it even more important to pay attention to their individual and collective reputation.

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If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

Posted by Al Etmanski on December 19, 2016

“My name is Liz and I have Down syndrome.”

She strode onto the stage without notes, without preparation, and seemingly without a care.

A hundred pairs of eyes were anticipating her spoken word poetry performance.

A recipe for disaster.

A disaster that I had tried to prevent from the moment she was born.

It was the scene of my undoing.

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