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Sarah Schulman

Sarah Schulman
Sarah is a Partner of InWithForward, and its Chief Social Scientist. As a sociologist, she likes to split her time between living rooms and state houses. She’s worked with governments in 6 countries to try and change how policy is made and evaluated. From 2010-2012, she co-ran InWithFor and worked with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation to launch 3 new social solutions, including the award-winning Family by Family. She’s got a Doctorate in Social Policy from Oxford University, and a Masters in Education from Stanford University. This is Sarah's fourth start-up org.

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4 Rules for Using Input From Ordinary People to Reframe Problems

Posted by Sarah Schulman on April 10, 2017

InWithForward brings research and development to social services to improve outcomes for people living on the margins.  Our aim is to re-imagine and redesign social services, “to turn social safety nets into trampolines so that everyone has an opportunity to flourish. That means: using, enjoying, and developing our human capacities. Not just having a roof over our heads and food on the table.”

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