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Eva Nemela

Eva Nemela
Eva Nemela is the Program Director of “Engagierte Stadt." She was born 1982 in Cologne, Germany and grew up in Berlin. She studied history and ethnology at the University of Fribourg and Yale University in Connecticut, US. For seven years, she has been working for different foundations. Since June 2017, she has been Engagierte Stadt Program Director in the Körber Stiftung. She is responsible for the coordination of the program. It’s a nationwide program with the aim of improving the local conditions for civic engagement. It’s supported by the German Ministry of Family Affairs and six foundations (including Körber-Stiftung).

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How to Get Things Done in Your Community

Posted by Eva Nemela on July 30, 2018

Three tips if you aim to create impact in your community: Collaborate in networks! Build bridges with people who are different from you! And first and foremost, Just do it!

Paul Born got a chance to lead a workshop in Berlin, on community conservations, with Engagierte Stadt team members, in May.

Engagierte Stadt is a program, supporting 50 cities in Germany that start community conversations in their own cities to foster citizen engagement and strong cooperation between the economy, administration and the civil society. The Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, and six foundations, provides financial advising as well as accompanying support.

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