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WEBINAR | The Power of Place

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Where we live matters. The term ‘place-based’, in relation to foundations or national government bodies, is currently used to describe a range of approaches, from grant-making in a specific geographic area to long-term, multifaceted collaborative partnerships aimed at achieving significant change. In most cases, it is more than just a term to describe the target location of funding; it also describes a style and philosophy of approach which seeks to achieve ‘joined-up’ systems change."

There is a growing acknowledgment in the UK and Canada that certain tough social problems can only truly be tackled through communities in a way that builds ownership, understanding and a legacy of change.

Resources from Liz Weaver in response to Questions From Audience: How do you see the role of learning from stories of the past to transform places for the future? How would you define "place"? And more of your questions answered.

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