Promoting Mental Health Through Innovation

Posted on July 27, 2020
By Pam Sethi & Christine Harris

IAM (1)The Institute for Advancements in Mental Health (IAM), is a connector, collaborator, thought leader and solution-driven organization. Our goal is to support, innovate and drive change for better mental health. Through our own in-house services, we design programs around the needs of our clients - people with complex mental health needs and their support circles.

In 2017, we created a unique, first-of-its kind community-based mental health innovation platform: a designated space for innovation entrenched within a mental health service organization.

More recently in 2019, we launched a mental health innovation prize with Mental Health Research Canada, focused on improving outcomes for youth and young adults dealing with mental health issues, that also have limited access to health and social services.

We felt that the prize model was an exciting approach to democratize how we find solutions, by crowdsourcing new solutions, talents and knowledge from the “outside-in” for an important and complex issue. This Prize encouraged cross-disciplinary collaboration and engaged innovators, but also emphasized co-designing solutions with people with lived experience. This typically would be excluded from more traditional granting or procurement due to qualification barriers. In most innovation challenges, the winning solution often comes from a discipline or expertise outside of the typical research or practice field connected to the issue.

In the end, we selected two prize winners that address suicide prevention by building resiliency in youth who may be at risk, and focusing on youth vulnerable to experiencing psychosis. 

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Pam Sethi & Christine Harris

By Pam Sethi & Christine Harris

Pam Sethi & Christine Harris work for the Institute for Advancements in Mental Health, a connector, collaborator, thought leader and solution-driven organization, supporting, innovating and driving change for better mental health.

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