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Kirsti Battista

Kirsti Battista
Kirsti works with the VC team as the Manager of the Cities Reducing Poverty initiative. Previous to this position she was a Community Animator for the Tamarack CCI learning community and the coordinator of Tamarack's multi-day learning events such as Champions for Change, Evaluating Community Impact and the first ever Collective Impact Summit.

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Rethink Who You Call an Expert

Posted by Kirsti Battista on October 17, 2014

Community Animator's Note: This blog was originally published on FSG's Strategic Evaluation Blog by Katelyn Mack on October 15, 2014. It has been re-posted with permission.

Have you ever been called an expert? If you are reading this post, chances are you have. It may have been by a colleague, a boss, a client, a professor…or maybe, by a parent. I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes get an uneasy feeling when I am referred to as an “expert.” People usually mean it as a compliment. In essence, there is some innate knowledge I have from my training or experience that they don’t have.

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Sixteen Lessons Learned About Working in Collaboration

Posted by Kirsti Battista on October 15, 2014
From Mary Pickering and Robert Plitt - 2013
  • Collaborations SHOULDN’T be launched unless there is something that can be done together that can’t be achieved alone. There needs to be a clear assessment up front that working jointly – which requires time and effort from all participants – is going to improve outcomes.
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Evaluating Community Impact Halifax: Post-Event Resources

Posted by Kirsti Battista on June 12, 2014

The Tamarack Institute is once again hosting the dynamic, three-day Evaluating Community Impact workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia from June 2-4 and again in Winnipeg, MB this November 18-20.

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