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WEBINAR | Place-based Social Innovation Through Living Labs

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Today, communities are facing an array of complex social and environmental challenges. The programs we have created to address these challenges have been unable to impact in a significant way. New solutions are required. The results that are urgently needed cannot and will not be found by simply making incremental changes to our current approaches. The breakthroughs that community changemakers seek require new approaches. Social innovation has become imperative to effectively address our society’s most significant issues.

Unfortunately, inventions are many, but innovations that are successfully adopted are few, and breakthrough innovations are disruptive in nature, sometimes leading to actions meant to solve old problems ending up generating new ones.

Thus, community innovation requires not only an appreciation of the issue one is hoping to address but also a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of the community. The place and the people within it, where the innovation will be implemented.

Within promising community innovation practices targeting successful adoptions within communities, Living Labs are generating more and more buzz and yet there is confusion about what they are; when to use them; and what they can help us achieve.

Join us to gain a clearer understanding of Livings Labs as Myriam Bérubé invites Hugo Steben (Maison de l’innovation sociale) and Jean-François Jasmin (Le Laboratoire en innovation (LLio)) to share their experiences and insights from two Québec-based organizations with an approach that yields a huge potential for transformative change.


Speakers: Hugo Steben and Jean-François Jasmin

Moderator: Myriam Bérubé


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