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WEBINAR | Facilitating Breakthrough | How to Remove Obstacles, Bridge Differences, and Move Forward Together

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In our increasingly complex and dynamic world, there is a “need to work with more people from across more divides, both within organizations and larger social systems.”

Adam Kahane is a renowned author and co-founder of Reos Partners, an international social enterprise, that helps people in business, government and civil society collaborate to address important and intractable issues. His latest book, Facilitating Breakthrough, offers a new, bold approach to facilitation – transformative facilitation – which enables people to make a difference by inviting them to bring all of themselves to the work of “removing the obstacles to love, power and justice" 

Transformative facilitation is a dynamic approach that is both structured and creative. It cycles between a series of five pairs of outer moves and five inner shifts that lead groups to achieve breakthroughs. Adam draws upon more than thirty years of experience as a professional facilitator for organizations, collaborations, groups and people who don’t agree with, like or trust each other but share a common desire to transform their sector or society.


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