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REPORT | Communities Ending Poverty Impact Report: A Deep Dive into 2022

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Communities Ending Poverty (CEP) is a dynamic network on a mission to eradicate poverty across Canada and beyond. With over two decades of efforts and experience in the realm of poverty reduction, CEP has learned that it takes the whole community and our entire country working together, and is committed to sharing learnings, strategies and tools we find useful in our work.

This impact report is also meant to inspire more organizations, groups, and associations to track, identify and communicate their impact.

That is, to describe the linkages between their activities and population-level outcomes, analyzing whether, in what ways, and how much things are changing for people living in poverty.

Download this Impact Report to see how you, too, can gain a fuller understanding of how Communities Ending Poverty members are creating healthy, vibrant communities.

Discover the power of a 100-member network working toward ending poverty.

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