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WEBINAR | Centering Lived Experience Through Participatory Grantmaking

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WEBINAR | Centering Lived Experience Through Participatory Grantmaking

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As part of a Participatory Grantmaking pilot project in Peel launched in 2021, funded by the WES Mariam Assefa Fund, members of the Peel community shared their perspectives and experiences to create a funding opportunity aimed at removing economic barriers for immigrants and refugees. The organizations that receive grants through this initiative will work for and with immigrants and refugees to support more equitable economic opportunities and ensure their ability to thrive.

For an overview of the questions asked to the speakers and where to find them in the recording, please see the YouTube description.

We at Tamarack Institute, acted as a key facilitator of the project, by engaging community stakeholders through a People’s Panel, to identify the needs of immigrants and refugees in the Peel community, define funding priorities, and support community members in making funding decisions. This innovative co-design process is also supported by the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (PNSG), whose sector knowledge and understanding of the local landscape helped ground the Panel’s work.

Speakers: Zari Gill, Red Shawl Women's Community Organization, Marina Nuri, (WES) Mariam Assefa Fund, Jessica Kwik, Peel Newcomer Strategy Group, Karenveer Pannu and Myriam Bérubé, Tamarack Institute


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