Future of Good Highlights the Ideas, Innovations, and Trends Shaping Canadian Communities

Posted on February 5, 2019
By Future of Good

Future of GoodFuture of Good launched a new digital media platform dedicated to illuminating stories, innovations, and trends shaping social impact in Canada. At this exciting time of massive growth and rapid change, the world of impact in Canada deserves smarter coverage and impact-focused people deserve smarter insights.

Their digital content is organized around core obsessions, including:

  • Platforms, Places, and Spaces
  • Inclusive Capitalism and Markets
  • Emerging Technologies and the Human-Data-Machine Relationship
  • Canada’s Social Impact Role in the World
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Decolonizing Impact
  • Social Impact Work: Today and Tomorrow

They combine storytelling and content curation with editorial craft to engage a Canada-wide audience with smart insights, stories, guides, and commentary.

Good exists in every sector and in every industry. Good isn’t owned by any one. Impact-focused people are everywhere. There are small acts and big acts. There are professionals and there are passionate amateurs. There are people who are loud about it and there are people innovating underground because they have no other choice. All of these people make up our beautiful universe of doing good. Future of Good is a platform and community for impact-focused people doing good in Canada to gain insights about our work and the future of it.

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  • FutureofGood.co is founded by Vinod Rajasekaran, former executive director of Impact Hub Ottawa and former managing director of Rideau Hall Foundation. 
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Future of Good

By Future of Good

Future of Good is a guide to the changing world of good for impact-focused people excited by a better tomorrow.

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