Expanding Collective Impact Across the Globe

Posted on May 1, 2023
By the Tamarack Institute

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Collective Impact is a form of collaboration that brings together different sectors to solve large complex problems.

Tamarack's Learning Centre has shared Collective Impact knowledge and wisdom with various groups across Canada and all over the world.

Those groups include young people in the child welfare system, woman-identifying entrepreneurs, seniors facing social isolation, and a group involved with a collaborative immigration settlement strategy.

In 2022, Tamarack’s Learning Centre team members convened, supported, and built the capacity of networks in the practice of Collective Impact. Using a structured form of collaboration, Collective Impact is the dedication of a group of actors from various sectors to a common agenda for resolving a particular social issue.


A Cross-Canada Network

Across Canada, we have been sharing Collective Impact knowledge and wisdom with a variety of groups, including the following:

  • A province-wide network of collaborative projects to address the needs of young people in the child welfare system
  • A women's business entrepreneurship program in Alberta
  • A Social Prescribing initiative to overcome social isolation of seniors by providing 24/7 access to service navigation to an array of integrated health and community services  
  • A collaborative immigration settlement strategy in Medicine Hat, Alberta



  • In France, more than 200 individuals from 12 communities learned about the power of Collective Impact and are developing strategies that will shift their impact.
  • In Singapore, capacity to implement Collective Impact is bringing residents, non-profits, government, and funders together to find new ways to tackle community issues.  
  • Across the United States, Tamarack is supporting networks and communities to launch Collective Impact efforts, advance their strategic plans, grow community leadership, and evaluate their impact.


Our members' dedication to collaboration and resolving social issues through Collective Impact is a powerful example of the positive impact that can be achieved through community-driven efforts.

Collective Impact, Alberta

the Tamarack Institute

By the Tamarack Institute

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