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Posted on July 8, 2021
By Myriam Bérubé

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What are Quebec actors saying to Tamarack? My conversations with over 25 organizations in Quebec (between May and June 2021) have revealed the path forward, both in sharing Quebec's experiences in community development elsewhere in Canada and growing and nurturing Tamarack's learning community in Quebec.

I appreciated the openness and the spirit of exploration of these conversations, which allowed Tamarack to learn more about the work of each organization and deepen its understanding of the rich ecosystem of community development in Quebec. They have contributed to generate interest and curiosity about Tamarack while already identifying potential avenues for collaboration.Jaime mes voisins 3x5

Here is the essence of what we are taking away to guide the next steps of Tamarack's work with Quebec:

  • Build trust and collaborations with community development actors in Quebec with a view to complementarity and create bridges with the English-speaking world

  • Share and promote the Quebec experience in community development in the rest of Canada

  • Support changemakers in Quebec (community leaders, municipalities, citizens, organizations, funders, etc.) with content in French on Tamarack's five areas of practice (Collective Impact, Community Engagement, Collaborative Leadership, Community Innovation and Evaluating Impact)

  • Leverage the Learning Center's resources (publications, blog, webinars, training, etc.) as a primary tool for collaboration with partners in Quebec

  • Facilitate on-demand sharing of experiences and practices among peers across Canada (via the Vibrant Communities network)

Tamarack's approach is based on the co-generation of knowledge with both changemakers and strategic partners in the community. In this spirit, we approach collaborations in Quebec to get to know each other, appreciate each other, and discover the unique and complementary contribution that each organization can make to strengthen the impact in our communities.

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Myriam Bérubé

By Myriam Bérubé

Myriam est directrice-consultante pour le Québec à l’Institut Tamarack. Passionnée par l’innovation et le développement des communautés, elle entend faire connaître et rayonner la diversité des expériences menées au Québec dans les cinq domaines d’impact de Tamarack (l’impact collectif, l’engagement de la communauté, le leadership collaboratif, l’innovation dans les communautés et l’évaluation d’impact).

Myriam is the Consulting Director for Quebec at the Tamarack Institute. She’s passionate about community innovation and development and brings her understanding of the diversity of experiences made in Quebec into Tamarack’s five interconnected areas of practices (collective impact, community engagement, collaborative leadership, community innovation and evaluating impact) leading to community change.

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