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Change for the Audacious Webinar: A Follow Up

Posted on November 15, 2016
By Steve Waddell

After our webinar Change for the Audacious: A Conversation with Steve Wadell on Large Systems Change (LSC), one of the participants, Ian, asked me about connections between it and integral theory and Theory U.

It's great to see the referencing of integral theory and Theory U...these are both relevant to LSC. The former is similar to what we are stretching for with LSC, in that it emphasizes a desire to create a picture of "the whole"...for integral theory, it's the whole of knowledge; for LSC it's the whole of change knowledge/methods. Theory U is a particular approach to LSC, so what I consider a subset...I like it, but get frustrated when people think it IS LSC, rather than a particular approach that should be understood as having particular strengths and weaknesses. It is distinctive in terms of LSC in that it start with the "individual change sphere", and has a particularly collective evolutionary love strategy, mixed with entrepreneur; less powerfully it addresses what I call the "missionary" strategy around transformation of organizations, and doesn't really integrate the warrior strategy of confrontation.

Theory U, Steve Waddell, Complexity, Systems Change, Integral Theory

Steve Waddell

By Steve Waddell

Responding to the 21st century’s enormous global challenges and realizing its unsurpassed opportunities require new ways of acting and organizing. For the past 30 years Steve has been supporting this with organizational, network, and societal change and development. He does this through consultations, education, research, and personal leadership. For the last 10 years he’s focused largely on multi-stakeholder global change networks (Global Action Networks) and complex change. Steve has dozens of publications. Other books are Societal Learning and Change: Innovation with Multi-Stakeholder Strategies (2005); and Global Action Networks: Creating our future together (2011). He is lead editor of a June 2015 special issue of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship on the topic of Large Systems Change. He has a Ph.D. in sociology and an MBA, and is a Canadian-American living in Boston.

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