CBYF Laval Keeps Their Community Motivated Through Art

Posted on August 11, 2021
By the Tamarack Institute

Over the past year, CBYF Laval supported several community initiatives aimed at supporting the motivation of youth during the pandemic. Some of these initiatives have led to exceptional artistic projects in which youth were inspired and given the opportunity to develop new skills. 

Here are a few examples of the projects supported by CBYF Laval:

ArtNormes Pic 3

The Art'Normes Project designed by Diapason-jeunesse aimed to address concerns faced by youth through artistic exploration and while promoting social connections.  The project was originally designed to provide individual creation kits for youth. However, due to the difficulty of purchasing non-essential materials and time-consuming cleaning and disinfecting of those materials, there was a shift from visual arts to digital arts. In addition to developing artistic skills, participants also learned communication skills, teamwork, gained a sense of belonging, and built support networks. 

The Metallic Art project, was organized by The Laval Metallurgy Training Center. This artistic project was designed as a competition with the theme "rhythm of metal." The competition aimed to put into practice the creative skills of the students of the center by inviting them to create artistic pieces that aligned with several criteria. The criteria included respect for the theme, originality as well as the excellence and quality of the project. Three grand prizes of $1500, $1000, and $500 were awarded to the participants. Check out the article and video highlighting the project and the winners. 


Lastly, the Centre de services scolaire de Laval purchased an inventory of ukuleles for virtual school students from grades 8 to 11. The Ukulele Project enable students to learn to play the ukulele in an entirely virtual environment. At the end of the project, students had assessments to highlight all their acquired musical skills and capacity to interpret different elements of a musical piece. Key results were an increase in motivation and engagement among the students. They were present, invested, driven, and had a sparkle in their eyes.

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