1,000 Families Initiative

Posted on November 18, 2016
By Devon Kerslake

Photo_-_Anne_Smith_photo_2015-827733-edited.jpegRecently, we were thrilled to host the second session of our three-part webinar series on Neighbourhood-Based Strategies that Reduce Poverty. In this session we featured The 1,000 Families Initiative with Anne Smith and Anna Bubel. In this webinar, Anne and Anna shared a terrific overview of how United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is working towards a goal that will create pathways out of poverty for 1,000 families.

anna_bubel-758932-edited.jpegAnne and Anna were very candid as they provided an overview of how they are applying the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework at the neighbourhood-level, as a person-centered approach that builds on the strengths existing in local communities, and creates a web of supporting assets for individuals and families struggling with poverty. The question period focused on tangible take-away’s in areas such as evaluation, logistics, and partnerships for people looking to apply this approach in other contexts and local communities.

Many members registered and tuned in to learn more about the remarkable effort a strategy such as this requires and were able to submit questions to Anne and Anna to be answered live- but don't worry if you missed it! The recording of their conversation is now available online (or, see embedded video below) as well as the presentation slides which can be found here. Please share this webinar with your networks, colleagues and friends!  

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  • If you enjoyed this webinar, you may also be interested in the two other sessions of our models of neighbourhod strategies that reduce poverty that we are exploring in this learning series


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Devon Kerslake

By Devon Kerslake

Devon believes in the positive, transformative power of art for all communities great and small. She holds an MA in Cultural Studies with a special emphasis on Curatorial Practices. Following this degree, Devon worked for the Winnipeg Film Group supporting Canadian Independent film and for the University of Winnipeg Cultural Studies Research Group as a Project Coordinator specializing in academic learning events.

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