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WEBINAR | Who Do You Choose To Be? Restoring Leadership as a Noble Profession

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Internationally renowned writer, teacher and systems thinker Margaret Wheatley summons us to be leaders for this time of profound disruption, to reclaim leadership as a noble profession that creates possibility and humaneness in the midst of increasing fear and turmoil. She summons us to reclaim good leadership by creating Islands of Sanity, to commit ourselves to engaging with compassion and insight amidst the increasing turbulence of our world.

Sane leadership is the unshakable confidence that people can be generous, creative and kind. At this time when fear and polarization predominate, and people find it increasingly difficult to work well together, how do we offer sane leadership? What are the processes that do not add to fear and aggression? What are the processes that cultivate and inspire people’s best qualities?

This webinar is an opportunity to reflect on and respond to who you are as a leader now. What have you learned about the conditions that call forth your best leadership and what processes have you learned that offer people the possibility of being generous, creative and kind?



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