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2020 Webinar Turning Uncertainty into Bold Action (1)
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WEBINAR | Turning Uncertainty into Bold Action

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In this webinar, Diana Renner shares her thoughts about being at the threshold of change and ambiguity. She will help us shift perspectives from being stuck to move toward paying attention to what is happening around us and building purposeful action through creative and generative questions.

Diana Renner, co-author of the books Not Knowing and Not Doing, has learned to navigate uncertainty. Both books debunk the myths about knowledge and the illusion of control and instead, ask readers to pause and reflect, to ask questions and to look around before jumping into action and doing.

Diana will also share how play, humour, curiosity and creativity, empathy, boldness and fluidity need to be woven into our leadership capacities if we are to effectively navigate uncertainty. Join us for this timely and provocative webinar as Liz Weaver and Diana Renner talk about the uncertain future.

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