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WEBINAR | Theatre for Change

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Have you ever considered using theatre as a tool for community change? Around the world, theatre is being picked up as an innovative and effective way to open up dialogue, tell stories, and deepen connections between individuals who are working together to face some of the most pressing problems. But for many, this concept is still new, and perhaps, a bit scary:

What does this look like?
Why should I consider it?
How is it being applied within communities?

Join Megan Wanless for a discussion with David Diamond – Founder of Theatre for Living and worldwide leader in using theatre for community change – to explore what theatre for change really is, how it’s being used, and why it is an essential practice for your community change work. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore real-life examples of theatre for change in action and have your questions answered on how you might incorporate these ideas and practices into your own work.

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