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The Power of One - The Role of an Individual in Systems Change Slides
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WEBINAR | The Power of One

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Cameron Norman and Liz Weaver explore the role of the individual changemakers in systems change. Like the butterfly effect, each of us is contributing, in our own way, to systems dynamics every day. Make your contributions count.

Systems change can be complex and overwhelming. We can feel frozen, unwilling to move forward for fear that making the wrong move will lead to perilous results. Cameron Norman and Liz Weaver will explore the role of individual leadership in systems change. Learn how you can use your personal power in a system change context. Cameron will describe how wise actions will enable you to navigate and ratchet systems change.

Cameron Norman, Principal and President, Cense Ltd brings more than 20 years of experience as a psychologist, educator, scientist, evaluator, and designer to the challenge of innovation in human systems and services. Cameron regularly blogs about the challenges and opportunities found in navigating systems. He brings a wide range of experience and knowledge and combines these with practical tools to guide community changemakers and systems navigators forward.

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