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2020 Webinar Changing Role of Philanthropy
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WEBINAR | The Changing Role of Philanthropy

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Listen as Louise, Sophie and Liz engage in a conversation about the changing role and impact of philanthropy, and explore how Social Innovation Exchange’s work influences funders and community change leaders globally.

Philanthropy plays a pivotal role in community and social change supporting organizations and networks in tackling complex and urgent challenges that communities are facing.  Over the past five years, the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) UK, have hosted more than 25 events in 8 countries, and convened over 200 foundations in dialogue about how philanthropy can and is responding to global challenges. 

In their 2019 review of the SIX Funders Node, Louise Pulford and Sophie Monaghan-Coombs reflected on three key elements which emerged through the many conversations and convenings of funders across Canada, the US and globally.  These reflections highlight the critical and changing role of foundation boards in addressing and shifting power; the strategic use of investment funds as leverage and impact; and navigating the challenge of risk both real and reputational. 

These conversations have led to the 2020 programme: A Year on Power, exploring how foundations can and should be questioning the power dynamics at play in their own work, and how they can influence others to do the same.   

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