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2020 Webinar Tenacity Humility and Collaborative Leadership (1)
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WEBINAR | Tenacity, Humility, and Collaborative Change

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Listen as Tom Klaus and Liz Weaver engage in a conversation about the elements of tenacity, humility and how these play out when being a collaborative leader.

Collaborative leadership requires us to balance tenacity, being focused on goals and outcomes with humility, working authentically with others and not letting our egos dominate relationships.

Tackling complex community issues means that leaders are required to work with others. Collaboration means that changemakers have an opportunity to share in co-defining the issue and co-designing the solution. But this is not as easy as it sounds, particularly when there is also the pressure to get recognition for our own programs, services and organizations. Tom Klaus, throughout his career, has successfully navigated these leadership tensions.

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Tom has also generously shared a few tools that were referenced during the conversation :

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