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WEBINAR | Strategies for Inclusive Engagement: Featuring Amy Hubbard

Community Engagement, Webinars and Videos, Inclusion

The wisdom and perspectives of community members are essential in finding effective solutions to the community's most complex issues. These “context experts” have insights that challenge the assumptions of those designing and delivering programs and services. They also can make unique contributions to the development of effective solutions.

Join Capire Consulting's Amy Hubbard, who provides an overview of some of the tools and practices used by Capire to promote inclusive engagement, which she defines as providing “people with opportunities to participate by reducing barriers, creating connections and engaging in meaningful and supportive ways.”

This includes: introducing Capire’s Triangle of Engagement - a tool to clarify the desired outcomes of engagement; exploring the six phases in developing an authentic Community Engagement strategy; and, insights in overcoming the barriers that can undermine authentic Community Engagement efforts.

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