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2019 Webinar Rethinking Democracy
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WEBINAR | Rethinking Democracy: Strategies That Put Citizens at the Centre

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The knowledge, skills and leadership of citizens is a rich resource that too often is untapped in community change efforts. And yet, time and again it has been shown that when the assets of residents and community – the context experts -- are recognized and connected they become powerful drivers of community change.

This webinar features Max Hardy, a Citizen Engagement expert from Australia, and profiles some new thinking that reimagines our understanding of democracy in action and offers approaches that honour the wisdom and practicality of ordinary people. Listen as Max and Sylvia reimagine how ordinary citizens are invited and engaged as co-creators of the community’s shared vision of its future.

A New Learning Opportunity

Citizens at the Centre: A Community-Engagement Thought Leader Series
Coming to Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver from May 1-7

The Tamarack Learning Centre is planning a trip to five cities across the country, and we’ve invited along a friend — Australian Citizen Engagement expert Max Hardy — to help you bring new and innovative tools and methods for meaningfully engaging communities and citizens back to your organizations. Join us to strengthen your community engagement practice throughout the lifespan of your project.

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