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WEBINAR | Reckoning, Repair, and Change: Authentically Advancing Racial Equity

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In this webinar, Liz Weaver, Veronica Borgonovi, and Hayling Price discuss how community changemakers can advance racial equity.

Increasingly the corporate sector in Canada and the US is focused on building purpose driven businesses.  These businesses recognize the competitive advantage of investing in people and planet as well as profit.  FSG has been exploring the ways in which companies are contributing to racial equity while also creating business value. In Reckoning, Repair and Change:  How Business Leaders Can More Effectively Advance Racial Equity and Competitive Advantage, FSG shares three action steps for how companies can authentically embrace their role in reducing racialized disparities: examining and reckoning with racialized history, building relationships and repairing past injustices, and co-developing strategies to create lasting change. While the paper targets the corporate sector, the action steps can similarly be implemented by philanthropists and non-profit sector leaders pursuing strategies in support of racial equity.

Listen as Veronica Borgonovi and Hayling Price of FSG, and Liz Weaver of Tamarack join in conversation about taking steps to advance racial equity. They share business case examples where equity has driven corporate success and discuss the ways in which corporate community leaders can pursue these steps to more effectively support collective impact and community change efforts.  The group also discusses how stakeholders in the philanthropic and non-profit sectors can apply these steps, and how such intentionality can support change at a systems level.


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