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WEBINAR | Power, Leadership, and Community Change: Common Ground or Crisis?

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Community change work is more effective, empathetic, and genuine when local community members and people with lived experience are empowered in the process. The problem is that these groups are often excluded from the very process that is designed to serve their community.

This webinar features Paul Schmitz, Senior Advisor at FSG and the Collective Impact Forum and Liz Weaver, Co-CEO, Tamarack Institute in a lively discussion about Power, Leadership and Community Change. By looking at examples of both successful and unsuccessful community change efforts, they examine the increasing need for influential champions (grass tops) and community stakeholders (grass roots) to work together to build communities which include all voices. Watch as Paul and Liz explore the coming together of elite power and community power to create the nexus for effective and impactful community change. 


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