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WEBINAR | Leadership for Navigating Change

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Listen as Bill Fulton and Jodi Hardin from The Civic Canopy in Denver, Colorado share their reflections on the leadership challenges and opportunities presented during uncertain and disruptive times.

As the world faces the multiplying forces of a biological pandemic, an economic meltdown, and a social uprising around racial equality, the question of what kind of leadership is needed to guide us through these challenges has taken on life and death importance. We are seeing, with new eyes, long-standing patterns of injustice--disparities in health outcomes, oppressive structures within policing, precarious economic systems that widen inequalities. We have also seen heroic acts of individual compassion, collaborative leadership generating innovative solutions, and broad social movements growing in scale and impact.

This webinar reviews three forms of leadership that has emerged to address these enormous challenges. In looking at how individuals, collaborative groups, and diffuse networks have responded to the shifts experienced during the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, we seek to describe the leadership we will need to collectively address the gaps and challenges that have been exposed through these crises. We believe that while the current realities require a continued emphasis on responsive and collaborative leadership, we will not be able to address the deeper patterns that have led to these crises unless we also develop the capacity for systemic leadership as well. 

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