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WEBINAR | Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, and Community Change

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Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking, popularized by innovation firms such as IDEO and institutions such as Stanford’s, are rapidly being adopted as approaches to innovation across the private, public, and voluntary sector. The promise of these approaches is alluring – that seeking to deeply understand the perspective of those impacted by a service, program, or system, and adopting an iterative, prototype-driven approach to problem-solving will result in revolutionary changes that will benefit all. But, is that promise always possible?

In this introductory one-hour webinar join Galen MacLusky, Tamarack’s Director of Community Innovation, as he explores Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, and their relevance for community changemakers.

This is the first webinar in the Community Change Festival series, which will cover each of the five interconnected practices that are essential for moving from ideas to practice to impact. 

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