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WEBINAR | Engaging Youth: Inspiring Stories & Lessons Learned

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Engagement is critical for all programs, services, and initiatives that impact youth. Both youth and organizations that serve youth agree that youth engagement is a must-do but there seems to be a disconnect in how to actually do it well. We hear often about the challenges of engaging youth such as low participation rates or difficulty reaching youth, and also frustrations from youth about not feeling listened to or understood. So how do you do it well?

Listen to Emily Branje of Community Living Ontario, Samantha Reusch of Apathy is Boring, as they share their stories of innovative youth engagement approaches and their lessons learned.


Take Your Learning Further:

  • Contribute to Tamarack's youth engagement resource by September 4th. By sharing stories and examples of youth engagement, we hope this resource will help learners better understand principles and best practices for youth engagement, along with common challenges that may come up with youth engagement and how to resolve them. 

  • Check out Community Living Ontario - Ontario Youth United, an exciting opportunity to engage youth in your community and come together across Canada to join the movement for a more inclusive country!

  • Learn from Apathy is Boring about supporting and educating youth to become active and contributing citizens in Canada's democracy

  • Join Tamarack's Lisa Attygalle, Director of Community Engagement, in this new online course Foundations of Community Engagement designed to build a foundation of knowledge and practice for your community engagement work

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