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Creating Safety Through Connection – The Function(s) of a Safe Community

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WEBINAR | Creating Safety Through Connection – The Function(s) of a Safe Community

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This webinar recording features a fireside chat about the role that everyday citizens can play in promoting safety in their communities.

Acknowledging the traditional role that police have played in relation to formally enforcing safety measures, we spoke to retired police chief Mike Butler about his process for reforming his force’s role in his community in Longmont, Colorado. He discussed putting public safety first, including alternatives to the criminal justice system.

This conversation addressed policing as one component of an asset-based approach and building trust with residents to provide safety and well-being.

For an overview of the questions asked on the call, please see the YouTube description. 



  • Dan Ritchie, Tamarack Institute 
  • Connor Judge, Tamarack Institute
  • Mike Butler, former police chief, Longmont, Colorado

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