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The Courage to Lead
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WEBINAR | The Courage to Lead

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A personal leadership journey often takes several expected and unexpected twists and turns.  It calls for the leader to be engaged in reflective thinking and practice.

When we work collaboratively with others, our personal leadership values and approaches, may be challenged.  Join Lucie Honey-Ray and Liz Weaver in conversation about the courage that it takes to step into leadership, particularly when faced with difficult life circumstances. Lucie shared her personal leadership journey in the best-selling publication A Woman of Worth, Women in Business. In this publication, Lucie did not let her personal losses define her, but rather used these as a springboard to championing community change efforts in British Columbia.

Liz and Lucie will talk about courage, connection, and collaborative leadership.  These important ingredients are key to be a successful community changemaker. 

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