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2020 Webinar the Courage of Conviction (1)
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WEBINAR | The Courage of Conviction

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Moira Were and Liz Weaver discuss how to step into our convictions with courage. Activism is lived daily through small and large actions. Do you have the courage to lead? Come prepared to be challenged and to consider how to build activism into your changemaker role.

In 2017, Moira founded Chooks SA, an online space to invest in women entrepreneurs in South Australia. Chooks SA identified the inequity in investing in women entrepreneurs means that less women have opportunities to grow their lives and livelihoods.

Chooks SA is dedicated to connecting women across the generations, learning from one another and build a community where support not competition is the priority, celebrating successes (however small), and committing to each other to take the next step we need to for our idea to take off.

Chooks SA seeks to apply a gender lens and not rose-coloured glass. They build others up without tearing anyone else down. Chooks is a self organized online community.

Moira established Hen House Co-op Ltd in July 2019 to take this to the next level with programs and initiatives to close the gender investment gap one transaction at a time. Moira lives her activism with both courage and conviction.

In addition to Chooks SA, Moira is a member of team at Collaboration for Impact and facilitates community change efforts across Australia.

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