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WEBINAR | Building Virtual Communities of Practice

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In this webinar, Liz Weaver and Lisa Attygalle share how to design and support the development of a virtual community of practice.  Sylvia Cheuy also shares a case study illustrating how intentional design can lead to an engaged peer learning network. 

We are now living and working in a remote and virtual world.  While virtual might be the new normal, this doesn’t mean that connecting and learning together, and building community is lost.  Since its founding, Tamarack has employed communities of practice or peer learning communities to connect colleagues across Canada in virtual learning environments. 

Influenced by the thinking of Etienne Wenger, Tamarack supports a wide range of communities of practice from poverty reduction to neighbourhood development and emergency preparedness.  We have learned that the most effective communities of practice are peer-led and peer-engaged. 

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