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Talking to your Community about Collective Impact - Overview

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WEBINAR | Talking to your Community about Collective Impact - Overview

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As a leader in your community’s collective impact initiative, you will likely be asked to talk about the project and its approach with all sorts of groups and organizations across the community. This video will review some of the key ideas behind Collective Impact – which is the approach that all Communities Building Youth Futures communities are using to design and implement their local initiatives.

The aim of this video is to review some basic information about Collective Impact as an approach, to help you prepare your community presentation. Specifically, it will:

  • Explain what Collective Impact is and how it offers a different way of working together
  • Outline what sorts of issues are best suited to use a Collective Impact approach and why
  • Recap key elements of the Collective Impact framework
  • Offer guidance to help you start planning your community presentation


Putting it to Practice

  • Customize this slide deck to prepare your presentation
  • Use the Tool: 4 M's of Effective Communication to plan the message, member, method and moment, along with any specific calls to action that you want to include in your communication 
  • Use the Stakeholder Engagement Wheel to guide a conversation with others as to what their desired level of involvement is in the opportunities and work of your group going forward.

Next Steps

  • Practice your presentation with your leadership table, your action teams and backbone support team before "going live"
  • Create a central document storage system that is accessible to all leadership team members with a generic slide deck and a few 1-2-page handouts to be used as "leave behinds" after meetings/presentations
  • Remind your leadership table to use the Stakeholder Engagement Wheel whenever they speak to community members, so that your initiative continues to build out the database & contact list.
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