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PAPER | State of Cities Reducing Poverty

Poverty Reduction, Cities Reducing Poverty, Poverty Reduction Strategy, Adam Vasey

Tamarack Institute’s Vibrant Communities – Cities Reducing Poverty (VC – CRP), since arriving on the national scene in 2002, has been building a network of cities committed to work comprehensively and across sectors to reduce poverty.

This report details the network’s growth which has led to innovation, increased alignment across sectors, more attention to poverty across all orders of government, and an amplified collective voice on poverty that has contributed to a range of policy and systems changes.

Adam Vasey

By Adam Vasey

Adam is Director of Policy, Learning & Evaluation with the Tamarack Institute's Vibrant Communities team. He is passionate about reducing poverty and building equitable, inclusive communities through policy and systems change. Prior to joining Tamarack, Adam spent eight years as Director of Pathway to Potential, the Windsor-Essex poverty reduction strategy.

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