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WEBINAR | Scale Deep: Using a Feminist Approach to Shift Systems

Evaluating Community Impact, Webinars and Videos, Systems Change, Pamela Teitelbaum

Systems change practice offers new approaches to leadership and collaboration that help leaders address complexity in new ways. Feminist approaches to change offer approaches to analyzing power and centering the experiences of marginalized communities. At MetaLab, we have been engaged in an inquiry exploring the question:  What is unique about feminist systems change practice? What can we learn when a gender lens is applied to a systems change initiative?

In this webinar, Tatiana Fraser and Pamela Teitelbaum share their insights and a new systems change framework; including key practices, approaches and lessons learned about how gender equity organizations are doing systems change. They reflect on how this framework illuminates the extent to which marginalized communities are positioned to lead systems change, and how these approaches align with and might be applied to other issue areas. 


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