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PUBLICATION | Differentiating the Functions of Institutions and Associations: A Geometry Lesson

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In the community-building world, a significant number of local initiatives fail because the participants are not clear about the difference between the functions of associations and institutions. This failure most often occurs when institutions attempt to take on functions
that are actually better performed by associations. This publication clarifies the difference between an association and institution, and the different key roles each has in Asset-Based Community Development. 

John McKnight

By John McKnight

John McKnight is a founder and co-director of Asset-Based Community Development Institute, whose graduates -- including both Michelle and Barack Obama -- continue to have impact strengthening communities and neighbourhoods around the world. In 2013, John was awarded an Honourary Docorate from the University of Waterloo in recognition of his innovative work. For three decades John has researched social service delivery systems, health policy, community organizations and neighbourhood policy. He is the author of The Careless Society and co-author of Building Communities from the Inside Out and The Abundant Community. John serves on the Boards of several national organizations that support neighbourhood development and he remains tireless in his recognition and championing of citizens -- and their capacity to care for one another -- as an essential resource in the work of building better communities and neighbourhoods.

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