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John McKnight and Cormac Russell Webinar
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WEBINAR | Principles and Practices of Asset Based Community Development

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Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) emphasizes strengths, connections, citizen leadership and recognizes that individual gifts become powerful when they are connected together.

In this webinar, Howard Lawrence joined John McKnight and Cormac Russell in a discussion about their newest publication, The Four Essential Elements of Asset-Based Community Development. In their discussion they explored the significance of the four elements - Resources, Methods, Functions, and Evaluation - in an effort to determine what is distinctive about Asset-Based Community Development.


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Vibrant Communities Canada supports cities and local leaders to develop and implement large-scale change initiatives through three learning networks: Ending Poverty, Deepening Community, Building Youth Futures and Climate Transitions. Our belief is that when we are effective in strengthening community capacity to engage citizens, lead collaboratively, deepen community and reduce poverty, our work contributes to the building of peace and more equitable society.

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