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ARTICLE | Planning for the Future During Uncertainty

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The COVID-19 Pandemic makes it difficult to think about the future, while also making it crucial that changemakers plan for their future and that of their communities. Buoyed by our interconnected global economic, social and political systems, this pandemic has amplified uncertainty around how we chart our path future. This uncertainty creates incredible possibilities, both positive and negative, that we all must navigate to strengthen our work.

Understanding the future is difficult in normal times. However, considering major trends and their implications for communities is more crucial than ever now that we are facing divergent possibilities related to the impacts of COVID-19 and our possible responses to it.

Justin Williams

By Justin Williams

Justin is the Managing Assistant with Tamarack’s Vibrant Communities team. Before joining Tamarack, he worked in higher-education and student advocacy managing research and political affairs teams. Justin is passionate about the role of governance processes in promoting community, sustainability and poverty reduction.

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