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WEBINAR | A Just Recovery For All

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The COVID-19 crisis has been a wake up call for governments and civil society. The disproportionate impacts of the pandemic to health, the economy, environment and society as a whole are being experienced by individuals, families and communities across the country and the globe. A Just Recovery for All is a movement born out of the crisis and puts people first, to date has over 200 Canadian organizations as signatories to the six principles.

In this webinar, speakers from member organizations of this movement - Climate Action Network, Citizens for Public Justice and The Leap, discuss the framework and what it means for collectively ending poverty and creating lasting systems change.

Vibrant Communities Canada

By Vibrant Communities Canada

Vibrant Communities supports cities and local leaders to develop and implement large-scale change initiatives through two learning networks, Cities Reducing Poverty and Cities Deepening Community. A Vibrant Community can be created once the human, social and economic cost of poverty are significantly reduced. Together, these cities/regions aspire to reduce poverty in 100 cities.

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