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2019 Series Intro to Community Innovation
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SERIES | Introduction to Community Innovation

Webinars and Videos, Community Innovation, Galen MacLusky

In this series of webinars you'll learn what community innovation is, how it has changed the way we look at community change and how you can apply different innovation methods and lenses to your work in a meaningful way. Each webinar comes with a variety of resources and links to help you apply Community Innovation in your own context.

We'll be exploring how the practice of Community Innovation can help you create effective community change, how the practice of Community Innovation relates to other community change practices, and some of the most common Community Innovation methods.

Through short videos and thoughtful reflection activities, you'll equip yourself to:

  • Ask questions that help you clarify what someone else means when they use the word "innovation". 

  • Decide which of Human-Centred Design, Social Labs, or Behavioral Economics approaches might be most appropriate to your context. 

  • Use the lenses of Human-Centred Design Social Labs or Behavioral Economics to identify new ways of approaching your community change challenge. 

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