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WEBINAR | Communities of Belonging

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In this webinar, Michael, Sophia and Heidi explore the larger canvas of place and place-making and, in so doing, make visible some of the patterns that shape our experience of community. They also explore how these relationships contribute to our observance of neighbourhoods, local businesses, landscapes, nature and culture, not only as discreet parts but as richly textured ecosystems that are integral to the vitality of the whole of life.

Tamarack Institute

By Tamarack Institute

The Tamarack Institute is a connected force for community change. We work with leaders in non-profits, governments, businesses and the community to make work of advancing positive community change easier and more effective. We do this by teaching and writing about collective impact, community engagement, collaborative leadership, community development, and evaluating community impact. We host two learning communities Cities Reducing Poverty and Cities Deepening Community turning theory into action.

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