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TOOL | A Challenge in Hypnosis - The Power of the Give and Take

Community Engagement, Tools, Megan Wanless

This tool offers a simple and fun exercise that can help break down barriers between group members and provide a space and context to play, reflect and share with one another before diving into the task of working collaboratively.

It can be used as a standalone ‘ice breaker’ at the beginning of a community gathering, or in conjunction with other exercises and built upon over time with groups whose work is long-term and ongoing.

Megan Wanless

By Megan Wanless

Megan is a Senior Community Animator at the Tamarack Institute and works across the organization to improve and deepen engagement for over 23,000 members within Tamarack’s learning communities and online platforms. Specializing in engagement, Megan animates Tamarack's online spaces and helps leverage Tamarack's integrated communications systems to ensure we deliver the best and latest in community change to change makers across the country and beyond.  Prior to Tamarack, Megan worked in the field of international development, earning a Master of Social Science degree from the University of Edinburgh and worked in Malawi to engage with communities around sexual and reproductive rights using applied theatre. With a Bachelor Arts Degree in Theatre, Megan has been leveraging theatre as a tool for community change for many years and has had the pleasure of practicing it in communities within Canada as well as South Africa, Uganda and Malawi.

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