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ARTICLE | Caring is Life: A Keynote Address

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A moving keynote address that holds the importance of care at the centre. Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski discuss communal gardening and other acts of goodness in their hometown of Surrey, BC to further explore what it means to create an ecology of caring in. This piece was co-presented at our Deepening Community Edmonton gathering in June, 2016."Caring for one another creates alchemy in our communities while unleashing a force deep within us. It nourishes our social immune system and reveals our humanity."  -Vickie Cammack  

Images were pulled from the accompanying slide deck. Download the slide deck


Devon Kerslake

By Devon Kerslake

Devon believes in the positive, transformative power of art for all communities great and small. She holds an MA in Cultural Studies with a special emphasis on Curatorial Practices. Following this degree, Devon worked for the Winnipeg Film Group supporting Canadian Independent film and for the University of Winnipeg Cultural Studies Research Group as a Project Coordinator specializing in academic learning events.

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