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PAPER | Developmental Evaluation Primer

Evaluating Community Impact, Publications, Cities Reducing Poverty

Developmental evaluation is a specific approach to evaluation that is ideally suited for innovative situations. Initiatives that are innovative are often in a state of continuous development and adaptation, and furthermore, they are frequently unfolding in changing and unpredictable environments. The unique nature of innovation -- with its focus on exploration -- can make traditional approaches to evaluation difficult. Learn more about developmental evaluation as an approach by using this primer.
Jamie Gamble

By Jamie Gamble

For over a decade, Jamie Gamble has designed and successfully delivered consulting projects in evaluation, strategy, and organizational change. In April 2008, Jamie’s Developmental Evaluation Primer was published by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. Since then, developmental evaluation has become a focus of his consulting practice and he has coached and led developmental evaluation initiatives across Canada supporting organizations working in the arts, environment, health, poverty reduction, youth, education and citizen engagement. Jamie has also presented numerous workshops and training seminars on developmental evaluation.

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