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PAPER | 35 Voices on Collaborative Leadership and Co-Creating Cities of the Future

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Thirty-five people engaged in the co-creation of this paper with Tamarack's Mark Holmgren to offer their perspective on collaborative leadership and the role it plays in building the cities of the future. They did so via social media and through an online survey. 

The paper summarizes, themes, and reflects on:

  • Five attributes or qualities of an effective collaborative leader
  • A summary of the top issues and challenges that cities face
  • Ideas on how to tackle 5 key issues that cities need to address
  • Visions for cities of the future and how collaborative leadership can be a catalyst for change
Mark Holmgren

By Mark Holmgren

Mark Holmgren is the Executive Director of the Edmonton Community Development Company and a former Tamarack Director. He is known for his track record in developing social innovations, including the development of Upside Down Thinking, an approach to thinking differently, if not disruptively.

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