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Online Tools to Help You Get to Know Your Stakeholders!

Posted on February 19, 2016
By Sienna Jae Taylor

Do you ever wonder what attendees from your latest community event enjoyed most? Or what they would like to see done differently next year? Are you trying to find out what your community's greatest needs are, or whether your programs are meeting those needs? Want to know how you can better engage, acknowledge and celebrate your volunteers? Or maybe you're interested in finding out how you can increase your funders support and dedication to your cause?

Connecting with and understanding your stakeholders, at all levels, is key to creating awareness about your organization or cause,
 gaining support and deepening relationships. So how can you leverage 21st century engagement techniques to find out everything you need to reach your goals and accomplish your mission? One answer: SURVEYS

According to Techsoup surveys can be a huge help in understanding your constituents and gauging success. In their article, A Few Good Online Survey Tools for Your Nonprofit, they walk you through a number of basic, low-cost, online survey tools that can help you gather the feedback that you may be looking for. These include: survey2.jpg

The article also covers various features that can increase the functionality of your surveys, such as: 

  • Flexible survey look and feel 
  • Skip Logic
  • Piping
  • Randomization
  • Website Integration
  • Data Analysis

To read more take a look at the full article.

Not quite convinced that your organization could benefit from online surveys? 

Take a look at SurveyMonkey's Nonprofit Surveys: Work Smarter & Drive Breakthrough Results to find out how nonprofits are using online surveys and what areas of their work benefit. 

Community Engagement, Sienna Jae Taylor

Sienna Jae Taylor

By Sienna Jae Taylor

Sienna Jae Taylor has a love for all things community and a deep passion for positive, social change. She recently worked with the Tamarack Institute as a Community Animator and previous to that was a member of the Pillar Nonprofit Network team as the 2015 ChangeTheWorld Coordinator. Sienna brings to her work experience in community engagement and animation, strength and creativity in the art of communication and a natural flair for relationship building. Sienna is motivated by the incredible world-changers and inspiring projects that she encounters everyday and believes that with a little community, celebration and passion, anything is possible.

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