#MontrealMondays - The Neighbourhood Round Tables Coalition

Posted on May 8, 2017
By the Tamarack Institute

#MontrealMondays – A blog series about the inspiring Neighbourhood and Community work being done in Montréal.

With Deepening Communities’ Neighborhoods – The Heart of Community Mobilizing (HCMI) for Impact being right around the corner, we are featuring a four-week blog series about the incredible organizations that reside in Montréal. There will be one #MontréalMondays blog post every Monday leading up to the HCMI event on June 6th. 

The Neighbourhood Round Tables Coalition

The first organization is the Neighbourhood Round Tables Coalition (Coalition Montréalaise Des Tables De Quartier [CMTQ] in French), which brings in stakeholders from different fields and backgrounds to provide a diverse network that combines it’s strengths. These different stakeholders range from municipality governments to local citizens, but they share the goal to make their neighbourhoods’ a better place.

The CMTQ was initially made by local leaders to improve the quality of their neighbourhoods and has now blossomed into a collaborative organization that has many partnerships, such as with The City of Montréal and the Montréal Initiative for Local Social Development.

They wish to mobilize citizens by engaging with each other and fostering good communication. Through these channels, communities will be able to identify social issues pertaining to their neighbourhoods and act against them. An example of this action, is the article Mending a broken city by Peggy Curran from The Gazette and the impact the CMTQ has had on Montréal politics.

The Heart of Community Mobilizing for Impact is hosting Nathalie Fortin, the President of the Coalition Montréalaise des Tables de Quartier and she is giving a keynote speech on Montréal neighbourhoods: Leveraging Culture as a Vector for Community Change.

Make sure to visit us next Monday when we feature another great Montréal organization or initiative that is creating change at the neighbourhood and community level!

Want to learn more about the CMQT? Watch this video and make sure to visit their website.


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